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George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate

Presidential dentures
For over 45 years, Mount Vernon was the home of American Revolutionary War General and first U.S. President George Washington. By looking and walking around his once 8,000 acre plantation, one can learn about Washington's personal life, character, tastes, passions (his number one being farming), and visions for the nascent United States of America.

As a man often perpetuated by myth and legend, the estate debunks the biggest one of all...Washington's teeth. Throughout his life, he was plagued with gum problems and abscessd teeth. By the time he was President in 1791, he only had one tooth left. He never had wooden teeth; actually it was a combination of hippopotamus ivory, various human and animal teeth, whale bone. That must be so uncomfortable, no wonder why he never smiled!
3200 Mount Vernon Hwy, Mt Vernon, VA 22121, USA
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