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General San Martín Park

Staying Fit in San Martin Park
For those of you who don’t like to miss a beat in your exercise routine while on the road, Deporte Abierto is a fun way to workout with the locals. In Mendoza’s summer months, Mendoza Sports sponsors free exercise classes in the park on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays in the Rotunda El Rosedal. Take your pick from high energy aerobics dance classes set to rock, reggaeton and merengue music, as well as yoga classes and pick-up volleyball, soccer, tennis and basketball games. For more information on class schedules call +54 261 443 9100 x 108 or email deporteabierto@mendoza.gov.ar

Mendoza Green Market
Visit the Mendoza Green Market in General San Martin Park. Around 30 vendors offer a wide variety of artisanal products like honey, craft beer and freshly baked bread. Food stalls sell vegan cuisine, organic wine and natural juices. It’s a great place to have lunch and sample Mendoza’s vegetarian cuisine. Restaurant Manen serves black bean and chickpea vegan burgers topped with quinoa, fresh vegetables and a carrot salsa. You can keep cool with refreshing rooibos and strawberry iced tea from Tea & Company or a fresh green juice from Mercadito. In a country that’s hooked on beef, beef and more beef, it’s exciting to explore the city’s budding green scene.

For Mendoza Green Market's event schedule and exact location visit their Facebook Page.

The Continental Fountain
The Continental Fountain is a beautiful work of art inspired by 18th and 19th century European fountains. The 30-foot elaborate iron fountain has four mermaids which represent The Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa (Australia was considered part of Asia during that time period). There are also references to Greek mythology with a statue of Hercules and allusions to island of Atlantis.

The Lake in San Martin Park
The lake in San Martin Park is a popular attraction for its scenic beauty and recreational offerings. There are two exercise trails, an interior pedestrian path (1.7 miles) and an exterior paved trail for bikes and rollerbladers. The lake is lined with benches to relax and watch the crew teams practice from the adjacent Club Mendoza de Regatas. Next to the lake is the picturesque rosedal (rose garden) worthy of a romantic stroll. Towards the south end of the lake you'll find the museum of natural sciences and anthropology, Juan Cornelio Moyano.

Stop and Smell the Roses
Planted almost a century ago in General San Martin Park with 5,000 roses, 3,000 carnations and 20,000 small plants, the Rosedal or rose garden became a sanctuary in the city. Take a seat under the lush trellises and smell the fresh scent of roses. Watch the sun reflect on the lake and enjoy a peaceful moment in the park.

Mendoza City Tour
Bus stops 4 through 9 on the Mendoza City Tour take you through General San Martin Park’s popular landmarks including the Continental Fountain, Hill of Glory (Cerro de la Gloria), the 760-acre Zoological Park, and the Cornelio Moyano Museum--Mendoza's museum of natural sciences and anthropology.

Truly Alive in Mendoza, Argentina
Exhausted as I was after my 8-hour flight from Miami to Santiago, Chile, my brain kicked into overdrive on the flight over the Andes as I willed it to remember as much of the awe inspiring views as possible. To my surprise, there would be no downshifting from that overdrive for the duration of my trip.
The smells of meats cooking over grapevine fires throughout the city and the promise of imbibing the world's best Malbec kept me constantly if not artificially hungry. Luckily, the food is plentiful and affordable—and amazing. Because the area is built upon a desert and water is a rare commodity, fruits and vegetables are coddled. No heavy, automated farm equipment is used and the result is like tasting your mother's love in the scramble eggs.
Balance can be found (read: calories can be burned) in a thoroughly walkable city with infinite pockets of wonder and a warm, open attitude toward non-residents. English is rare on the side streets and my Spanish sucks, but communication was mystically easy. The climate was absolutely perfect at all times and the sight of lovers taking siesta each afternoon in any of the town squares made me nostalgic for simpler times. Memories of barrel tastings, al fresco lunches, evening strolls and easy conversations play on my mind's movie screen as if projected onto the unmoving backdrop of the Andes. The flight home found me in the enviable position of having heavier luggage (thanks to several bottles of wine) yet substantially less baggage.

Av Emilio Civit 701, 5500 Mendoza, Argentina