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Garagem Comércio do Porto

Modernism Architecture
The corner between Elísio de Melo Street and Dona Filipa de Lencastre’s Square, is occupied by Garagem do Comércio do Porto a building from 1932.

This amazing modernist construction is built around a huge central pillar. This work broke Porto’s architecture paradigms using four floors as a garage and three as offices.

The first project included a road map like the one we can see in Garagem Passos Manuel, in Nearby Passos Manuel Street, but it was never finished.

The Building's project was from Porto's architect, Rogério de Azevedo, a notable professional that has a lot of buildings in the City.

Rua do Almada, Ruas de Elísio de Melo, 4050-032 Porto, Portugal
+351 22 205 7183
Mon - Thur 7am - 12am
Fri 7am - 1pm