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Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Garachico-Turbulent History & Volcanic Pools

The small town of Garachico is known for its turbulent history, its dramatic location at the foot of a tall cliff, and for its volcanic pools.

A little over 300 years ago it was one of the most important ports in Tenerife, until a massive volcanic eruption buried much of the town and destroyed its harbor. In its wake, the flowing lava also left spectacular natural pools behind, so make sure you bring a bathing suit when you visit Garachico. For the swimming alone it's a great stop on a drive across the island. The town itself is quaint and peaceful, without tons of shops or restaurants. I only saw a few tourists poking around, or descending on the town's plaza for coffee, or beer.

Someone told me that there are some good trails in the area as well, taking hikers across volcanic fields into the mountains.

>>>Thank you Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife for being my base camp for 3 days while I discovered beautiful Tenerife, and a special shout-out to the incredible team that works the Rock Royalty desk. Your suggestions on what to see on island were priceless!!