Gamboa Summit Park

Emberá-Nation Botanists
The town of Gamboa lies at the center of a rainforest on the banks of the Panama Canal, 20 miles from the capital, where Lake Gatún and the River Chagres meet. Gamboa’s Summit Park is home to Panama’s national bird, the harpy eagle, as well as to Soberanía National Park and the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center, where can walk the Camino del Oleoducto (Pipeline Road), a world famous bird-watching path where up to 300 avian species can be spotted on a single day. Another tip might be sailing the Chagres in piraguas (local pirogues or handmade dugout canoes) that plumb dense jungles and give visitors the chance to interact with the Emberá Quera indigenous community. This age-old settlement, that lives off fishing, farming, artisanal craft-making, and tourism, now puts together tours showcasing various local customs such as dances as well as vegetable-dye body-painting techniques and their meanings (known as jagua), in addition to the community’s ancient relationship with nature. Navigating the rain forest with a traditional Emberá botanist is an experience equal to few others.
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