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Galerie Royales Saint-Hubert

Window Shopping for the Finer Things in Brussels
Whenever I'm in Brussels, usually on my way to have a few pints of lambic at A La Mort Subite, I love to peruse the high end stores of Les Galeries Saint-Hubert. Although open air, the long passageways of the Galerie have a glass ceiling, allowing the daylight and moonlight to shine down on the buzz of shopkeepers, trades people and cafe dwellers. Here you will find high-end purse shop Delvaux, jewelers, multi-language book shops and old Belgian cafés. You will also find octogenarian traditional Italian glove-makers, still stitching their gorgeously soft leather gloves by hand; bespectacled grandmothers selling the famous Belgian praliné chocolate (for the likes of chocolate royalty such as Corné, and royally-commissioned Mary Chocolatier), their descriptions of the products alluding to their utter passion for the rich history of this Belgian tradition as well as their consummate professionalism.

I love to walk through Les Galeries at night - window shopping under the moonlight, my footsteps echoing down the marble walkways, taking in the quiet chill of the Brussels evening before heading off for the warmth of a Belgian pub.

Galerie du Roi 5, 1000 Brussel, Belgium
+32 2 545 09 90