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Galapagos National Park

Cruise the Galapagos
I'm not a cruise guy in any way, and I went into this adventure with trepidation. I worried about all the things one worries about when they consider a cruise. Turns out, I had nothing to worry about. This was one of the most remarkable travel experiences I've ever had.

Choosing the right cruise ship is important, of course. The folks at Metropolitan Touring arranged passage for me aboard La Pinta, a smallish vessel that made everyone feel at home and at ease. The food was fantastic, the crew accommodating, and our naturalists tuned in and well informed. Other passengers mentioned how they had fun aboard the Nat Geo ships, but I couldn't have asked for a better adventure.
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Feast on Roast Pig
Roast pig is a staple on mainland Ecuador; on the Galapagos, it tastes like victory.

Pigs—though I'm not sure this is from the same species—are a nightmare on the islands. Originally introduced by pirates to serve as a food source as early as the 16th century, they devour vegetation needed by a number of native species.

I was surprised at the quality of food available to us aboard La Pinta; cruising the islands on a ship that is not altogether massive means that certain concessions have to be made, but none came in the kitchen. After long days of undersea and overland adventure, it was great to come back aboard the ship and feast like kings.
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Dine in Style in the Galapagos
The food aboard La Pinta was nothing short of sensational— and wholly unexpected. In fact, this cruise experience surprised me from start to finish, and I've never been so sad to end an adventure.

The a la carte menu offered plenty of choice each night and included a number of exciting dishes, while the seafood was often the star of the show (big surprise there).

At any rate, food is one of those things people concern themselves with when taking a cruise. On La Pinta, it became one of the highlights.
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Unwind in Comfort and Style
These were my quarters aboard La Pinta, Metropolitan Touring's exceptional upmarket cruise ship. I didn't spend too much time in my cabin, considering our itinerary was rather beefy, but when I was there I loved it. Nothing like a nice place to unwind after a long day of adventure.

This was my first time aboard a cruise ship, and I loved the experience. Can't wait to go back.
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