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Fuzhou Oriental Painting and Calligraphy Association

Wu Yi Nan Lu, TaiJiang ShangQuan, Taijiang Qu, Fuzhou Shi, Fujian Sheng, China

Decorative Lacquerware Finds

Lacquering by hand is an art form made famous by artists in Fuzhou, who have mastered the local technique of "bodiless lacquerware," invented during the Qing Dynasty. This process involves complicated construction with clay, plaster, or wood, which is then layered with cloth and other materials, with raw lacquer acting as an adhesive between layers. Multiple intricate painting, drying, lacquering, and polishing processes then follow, until a detailed piece is finally complete.

You can find many lacquerware products in Fuzhou, including trinket boxes, chests of drawers, tea sets, vases, and other decorative pieces. These lightweight and distinctively Fuzhou pieces make fantastic souvenirs to bring home.