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Three Reasons You're Going to Love Fuerteventura
Imagine yourself sitting on one of the most gorgeous white-sand beaches, with a cold drink in one hand, being caressed by the smooth rays of the sun, and being able to bathe anytime you feel like it in cool, crystal clear waters. The sky has a color that can only be called 'serenity blue', because that's exactly the feeling you get on this old and stunning island that is Fuerteventura.

When I decided to take a holiday on this island, I only knew a few things: it’s part of the Canary Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean, and it politically belongs to Spain. Not necessarily swoon worthy information. But a friend of mine kept telling me about this amazing vacation he and his family had on the island, how much fun it was and how different from other vacationing spots, so I decided to do a little research. It didn’t take long to be convinced that I wanted to have my own experience here. Here are a few reasons why I think it’s great:

Dramatic landscapes and sustainable tourism

Fuerteventura basically has everything anyone could possibly want: fun, adventure, incredible landscapes, plus, a bonus, many goats! In 2009, Unesco declared the island a biosphere reserve, it has fascinating ecological characteristics and it’s also an important paleontological site. But fossils weren’t exactly the reason me and some of my friends booked a holiday here. I was definitely swayed by the fact that the authorities of Fuerteventura managed to find ways to practice sustainable tourism, by conducting projects meant to offer people beautiful, unadulterated experiences, while also protecting the environment.

A huge wildlife park

The Oasis Park was an amazing experience. It also helped one of my friend’s dreams of petting a giraffe come true. We got to feed these beautiful creatures and we were pleased to see that they seemed well-cared for. This park is huge and you should give it a lot of time if you want to fully enjoy it. You get to see a lot of animals, walk around them and even interact with some of them. We also got to ride on camels and feel a little like in Arabian Nights. Be sure to dress properly and wear a hat or something that will protect you from the heat. The shows were another cool thing to see, we watched the bird of prey show and we saw some slippery snakes up close.

Watersports and dusty adventures

Obviously, Fuerteventura is a watersports lover’s paradise. It’s famous for its perfect-for-surf waves; you can also do windsurfing or even kitesurfing! I’m a novice at this, but it was still a mind-blowing experience. But watersports aren’t the only way to get awesome thrills. As I mentioned above, this island is home to some magnificent landscapes, which I got to experience firsthand. We got a dune buggy and went for an off road excursion. It was dusty and a perfect way to enjoy the purity of nature. We also rented a camper in Fuerteventura and understood what it means to spend a night under an unpolluted sky that is filled with stars and other wonders.

For me, being in Fuerteventura was unforgettable, it’s a place I want to go back to and I feel grateful and lucky to have experienced some of the wonders of this island. Fuerteventura is certainly a place to make memories that last a lifetime.
Fuerteventura, Las Palmas, Spain