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Front Lodge, Blarney Castle

Kissing the Blarney Stone
From the bottom of the castle it does not look too bad, you really think it's a breeze to kiss the stone but once up there, with the wind in your face and looking down at the big hole...I was not as brave. People in front of me refused to do it and I almost didn't either but my husband said I had to since is was what we talked about for weeks. I was really scared but afterward I was happy I did it :).

Off my bucket list now
I had red somewhere that kissing the Blarney Stone is one of the 99 things one must do before he/she dies so while in Ireland we could not miss it. I was very brave at the bottom of the castle but up there I almost did not do it. Luckily my husband talked me into it and did it but was very afraid the entire time. To my defense a big guy in front of me did not do it at all so yay me! did not notice a difference in my eloquence so I am not sure that rumor is true but then again I never had a problem there, I am just happy they did not cancel each other out :))

Front Lodge, Front Lodge, Blarney Castle, Shean Lower, Blarney, Co. Cork, Ireland