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Friends of the Elephant Seal

Let's Do it Like They Do On the Discovery Channel | Or, Watching Elephant Seals Breed, Fight and Give Birth
We were driving south from Monterey, hugging the coastline for the views, when we found the elephant seals. Thousands of them, heaved up onto stretches of sand to give birth and suckle fat-rich milk into skinny black pups, the males keeping a watchful eye over everything and everyone because, after all, these were *their* females.

As we stood there in the cold January air, we saw males fight, we saw love in all its blubber-laden forms, we saw sea gulls picking at placentas found in the spaces between seals. If that all sounds too visceral, well, I think you should stop and look anyway. This is about as authentic as it gets.

Friends of the Elephant Seal are often wandering the boardwalk to explain the natural history of the animals to stoppers-by.

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