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Fretheim Hotel

Nedre Fretheim, 5743 Flåm, Norway
| +47 57 63 63 00
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Overnight in the Norwegian Fjords? Yes! Aurland  Norway

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Overnight in the Norwegian Fjords? Yes!

This really doesn't look like the kind of place where one would want to spend more than a few minutes in transit.

Not because it is shady or unsafe - quite the contrary. But because it's so small, and virtually empty. Not a soul in sight except for the odd car passing through and the train station employee, a few buildings spread around the harbor, and that's about it. Flåm isn't a city, nor is it a village, really. It just is.

Forget about nightlife, high-end restaurants or shocking museum exhibitions. In Flåm, nature is the star of the show. Where the air is crisp, and fresh, and invigorating, where the two restaurants are proud to serve local specialties like elk and beer, where the mute spectacle is on from dusk 'til dawn, and where the only noise you'll be hearing is your own voice saying 'wow' at every turn (not that there are that many turns, mind you - it is a small place).

The Fretheim Hotel is surrounded by the grandiose fjords, the many waterfalls and cute, wild Norwegian horses. You don't even have to be a nature-lover to fully appreciate the striking beauty of Flåm.

In terms of amenities, the hotel is ultra-modern and cabin-chic, with the latest technology and decor. And the large lobby area makes for a perfect fjord-gazing, tea-sipping afternoon.

Trust me when I say that my trip to Norway would not have been the same without these crucial hours in Flåm - stop sightseeing for a minute, sit back, and enjoy the show. Quite literally.