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Frangipani Beach Resort

Blissful Caribbean getaway
My first experience with the Caribbean was in Anguilla. Now that I've begun exploring other Caribbean islands, I've realized one important thing: that experience spoiled me. My conception of the Caribbean was shaped by Anguilla's white sand beaches, vivid turquoise waters and brilliant sunsets. The beach never had more than a few people on it, and it felt like I had truly discovered this long lost place, untouched by the rest of humanity for years and years. The Frangipani Beach Resort, which is only 19 rooms, was the perfect home base for exploring the tiny island of Anguilla. I tend to gravitate towards smaller, intimate experiences and this certainly fits the bill. Water sports and infinity pool backed by one of the Caribbean's best beaches? Not a tough place to be. The only downside of the entire getaway was the realization that it's going to be a hard experience to beat.

Tying the knot in Anguilla
Getting married is a pretty surreal, out-of-body experience no matter how you slice it. Getting married in Anguilla? Talk about picture perfect. I'm sure there were things that went wrong and details I overlooked, but at the end of the day, it. was. perfection. We rented out the entire Frangipani Beach Resort for immediate family and bridal party and had the remaining guests (we had 120 in total!) stay at neighboring hotels. We had a weeklong wedding celebration with friends and family. Definitely one for the books!