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Four Seasons Resort Nevis

Fishermen of the Caribbean
Brothers Wincent, Wilbert and Winston grew up in a fishing family, on the tiny West Indian island of Nevis. On a hot, blustery June morning we motored out beyond the placid Caribbean Sea and into the rough Atlantic. As their junky old boat rose and dove with each swell, Wilbert and Winston pulled in trap after trap.

An assortment of escolar, blue tang and other fish were flopping around our feet after a couple hours, along with two wary lobsters. Years ago, a fisherman could make it as a fisherman. Today, many will haul their catches back by noon, anchor their boats and head off to a construction job.
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Free monkey/empty trap
Everyone loves the adorable vervet monkeys of Nevis -- except for every single Nevisian ever. The microscopic West Indian island is beset by the furry imps, who have decimated the struggling farming industry. Mangoes, papaya, bananas, yams: The Caribbean climate is perfect for a number of valuable crops, but invariably the mischievous beasts get to the fruits and vegetables before they can be harvested.

In a sense they're another a lingering insult from slavery, having come over on slave ships from West Africa four centuries ago. Traps like the one above only catch the least clever of the creatures, now said to outnumber humans on the 36-square-mile island.

Free monkey/empty trap Charlestown  Saint Kitts and Nevis

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