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Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 中環金融街8號
| +852 3196 8888

Chinese Wellness Ritual

In a dim and humid haze, I settle face up on the warm marble table. I look like a nervous, naked ghost. Fairy lights on the ceiling entrancingly change from blue to white to red as my new best friend, Linda, works tirelessly in the searing heat, vigorously applying a ginger body-scrub. I stifle a “blimey!” as the scrub burns like hell, but then the abundant healing steam offers instant soothing relief. Burn, calm, burn, calm, “blimey”, “aaah”, for thirty minutes. Next, honey and milk form an exquisite poultice in a gooey clump of dripping calico. It feels like a warm silky jellyfish cocooning and transporting me from body to spirit. Now I look like a clump of chewed paper. Falling asleep, I make a mental note to wrap this woman up and take her home. There is heaven on earth. It’s in Hong Kong.

Nb. Photo courtesy of Four Seasons. Writer not paid by Four Seasons. Writer's own opinion.
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