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Forte São Marcelo

Forte São Marcelo: A fortress in the middle of the ocean
The 'Forte São Marcelo' is one of those natural beauties of the city. Strategically located in a sandbank,in the midle of the ocean, the place is breathtaking. Once you step there, surrounded by water, you'll feel how immense is the presence of nature in the city.

How to get there? By boat, of course. Now try to imagine how hard was it back then when the prisioners tried to run away.
It was built back in the 17th century, and it was the stage for many battles and important events, such as the Dutch Invasion, Independene of Bahia,Independence of Brazil, Farrupilhas Revolution....

The price of the ticket is around R$10, which incluedes the boat trip leaving from the Nautical Terminal in front of Mercado Modelo.