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Fonske (standbeeld)

This is Belgium: Fonske in Leuven
Fonske is the unofficial mascot of KU Leuven, pouring knowledge into his head one beer at a time. Leuven, a picturesque university town, is a quick 15 minute train ride from Brussels and makes for a perfect place to escape the bustle of busy Brussels. The shops and streets aren't too crowed, the cafe bars are cozy, and the beers are super tasty.

Belgium offers many beers for the traveler, however in Leuven, the internationally famous Stella Artois doesn't have to travel far since the brewery is within the city limits. It's rumored that some cafe bars have been funneling in the brew since 1366 through underground pipes. Now that's fresh knowledge.

Rector De Somerplein 3, 3000 Leuven, Belgium
+32 16 27 20 00