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Idyllic views, Scandi-crime & glorious nature
The picturesque fishing village of Fjällbacka is a photographer's delight. Red wooden cottages sit chock-a-block along the narrow streets around the tiny harbor. Boats at anchor are reflected in the serene waters, and local ferries ply the channel between the village and Sweden's most westerly islands, The Weather Islands.

Fan of Camilla Läckberg? This is your destination! New tours following the exploits of Erica Falck and Patrik Hedström are now available. I found the crime scene from The Preacher, and would love to take one of the tours, to visit scenes from other Läckberg novels and learn more about the village's history as a herring fishing center, as well.

A stop in Fjällbacka is not complete without a climb up a sturdy wooden staircase to the summit of Vetteberget, for a stunning view of the islands offshore. The gorge at the base of the mountain, Kungsklyfta, is named after the "party king" Oscar II who had his name carved there when he visited in the 19th century.

A meander from Fjällbacka to Smögen
As autumn blows into Bohuslan, clouds often billow under darkening skies. The country roads of Western Sweden provide numerous small pleasures for a morning or afternoon drive under skies that shift from sunlight to cloudy bluster and back again. Tiny harbors pop into view, and wooden churches and farms with barns painted red or yellow seem to pose for the camera. Houses and entire villages sit atop massive stone outcroppings smoothed by glaciers.

A drive down winding roads between Fjällbacka and Smögen offers these views and more. Make a fourteen-kilometer detour from Fjällbacka before heading south, and see the rock carvings of Bronze Age artists at the Vitlycke museum. The painted works depict ships, fishing scenes, and battles won and lost more than 3,000 years ago.

Wandering the Swedish countryside near the country's western coast is a delightful way to experience firsthand the living history of Bohuslan's landscape. Efficient ferry service makes navigation along the coast a snap.

Do yourself a favor, and travel West Sweden the slow way, down country roads!

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