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Fish River Canyon

One of the Largest Canyons in the World (You've Probably Never Heard Of)

The Fish River Canyon is Namibia's Grand Canyon. The canyon is only slightly smaller than the famous U.S. National Park, yet it somehow manages to often fall off of foreign tourists' radar when researching a trip to Southern Africa. The canyon first developed with tectonic plate movement millions of years ago. Over time, wind erosion in conjunction with the flowing water of the Fish River carved an enormous gash in the Earth. It now measures approximately 160 km long and is up to 27 km wide in sections.

It's an awesome place to see at sunset when the canyon walls are illuminated to a fiery orange color. There is the option to book a hike through the canyon from mid-April through September. It's a 4-day long, 85km trail, so you should be reasonably fit before signing up.

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almost 4 years ago

Make sure to get here early or late

Make sure to get to Fish River Canyon at sunrise or at sunset for the best photos and fewer crowds. If you have your own car you can also drive past the main viewing platform and take in the views of the canyon from a different angle.

A great place to stay nearby is Gondwana's Canyon Roadhouse. The place has one of the only gas stations and restaurants for miles. They also have camping and mid-range accommodation perfect for those on any budget.