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First Restaurant

Angle Route Royale & Rue Corderie Corderie St
+230 211 9898

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Tue - Sun 11:30am - 2:30pm, 6pm - 9:30pm

Indulge in Dim Sum at First Restaurant

There's something in a name. Here the "first" is fairly literal—it denotes the fact that this particular restaurant was one of the first opened by Chinese immigrants in Port Louis.

With some of the flashier restaurants in Chinatown, it might be easy to overlook First's more dated facade. But you shouldn't. Because there's more to this restaurant than just longevity. And that's delicious, belly-filling, irresistible dim sum. Which is why I walked in, undid my belt a notch, and let the waiter guide me through a taste of some of Chinatown's best fare.