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Finca Valentina

Contemporary casa de campo

Petite and perfectly formed, Finca Valentina hotel is a rustic, refined ranch just outside Salta in the grape-strewn foothills of the northwestern Andes. Play pampered patrón as your eponymous hostess and her Andean staff saddle up the steeds and prepare the parilla. Or just enjoy the white-linened, warm-wooded interiors and chill out with a glass of fruity Argentine red.

Lovable labs Bianca, Nera and Lolo are mobile soft furnishings in their own right and every bit as hospitable as their owners. Ask Valentina to explain the provenance of the antique textiles and fixing pins hung decoratively in the hallway; they are the spoils of many fascinating trips across the Andean region.
El Encón, Salta, Argentina