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Feelings Cafe

My Feelings were hurt
Feelings cafe has been around at this location since 1980, in a very historical location. It is situated on part of the first plantation land granted for private ownership by the first New Orleans settlers. Part of the allure of visiting is to imagine a past that truthfully happened, in some of the original landscapes. This place jumped out at me, as we were walking to take a swim at a neighborhood clothing optional pool club. Yep that's right clothing was optional, but wasn't anything shy of some of the parts you wish you hadn't seen at Jones beach. Feelings is the kind of neighborhood cafe you want to sit and enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail and just take in the ambiance. It has a very Jim Jarmush, Tom Waits feel about it that invites you to stay. However that was not the case, it was after 2:00pm on the weekend and Brunch was over. I could only imagine what the interior looked like, until I went to their webpage and curbed my curiosity. What a sweet little place connected to a wine and cheese bar called sentiments. It always gives me a laugh to think how establishments inherit their names. I can think of a million funny or wonderful things that could happen here, having to do with ones feelings. & since it was closed when I was there, there will be no nostalgic sentiment, of teary eyes over frosted mugs. No name calling, break ups, or withheld information. Just a locked door on a corner street named Chartres.

535 Franklin Ave., at the corner of Franklin and Chartres St., New Orleans, LA 70117, USA
+1 504-446-0040