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Featherdale Wildlife Park

Pet Koalas and Feed Kangaroos
Similar to a goat-laden American petting zoo, visitors at Featherdale Park can purchase a cone of feed and coax kangaroos, wallabies, and emus over to eat out of their hands. Featherdale is home to one of the area's largest private collections of Australian native animals. On a visit here, you’ll learn all about local wildlife, and even interact with a few famous species—you can pet a koala and watch a Tasmanian devil eat his lunch.

Meeting a new friend
One of the things I wanted to do when I went to Sydney was have my picture taken with a koala.
Mission accomplished at Featherdale.

Featherdale is a great place. All of the animals they have are native to Australia. No lions, tigers and bears that you can see at other places. And you can get up close with many of the animals.

Featherdale Wildlife Park

Commune with some of the country's most photogenic creatures at this privately owned wildlife zoo, around 40 minutes by car west of the city. Attractions include a plethora of marsupials, including wombats, quolls, wallabies and of course koalas—among which is the park's superstar, Archer, a friendly koala hand-reared by the zoo's keepers. You'll also encounter birds, reptiles (including the fearsome crocodile) and oddball Australian natives like the echidna, the antipodean answer to a porcupine.