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Chantry Flat Recreation Area

2201-2299 Forest Rte 2N40

Falls, Forests and Fauna Outside LA

Chantry Flats is the starting point for a variety of trail excursions, ranging from the 3.5 mile out-and-back Sturtevant Falls hike to the strenuous 14 mile Mt. Wilson summit loop. An ambitious middle-ground is the 10 mile Big Santa Anita Canyon loop that traverses through the falls, forested campsites and Mt. Zion summit. This was the perfect October hike to escape the always-green palm trees of LA and experience the changing colors of fall leaves. Stay alert of your surroundings to catch glimpses of movement or sound that could be an animal spotting. Although most cracking twigs and crunching leaves are squirrels or birds, the crinkling next to us was actually a baby rattlesnake.