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Walking past the beaches of La Jolla, California
With summer rapidly approaching, I can't help but reminisce of the time spent in Southern California or SoCal last July. This August I have the opportunity to visit the promised land once more. I learned much from my visit last summer; the photo above is from La Jolla, a beautiful area just fifteen minutes north of San Diego.

The parking situation is a little tricky around the beaches of La Jolla. Most of the visitors, including my family and I, opt to parallel park on the sides of the road closest to the ocean. There are hints of salt being flown throughout the city by the wind; however, it's not as overwhelming you'd expect it to be. There is a small, sectioned off beach available for public use. The rest of the shoreline is covered with rocks, acting as natural deterrents against beach - goers. Adjacent to the beach are houses and behind those are myriads of stores and restaurants. However, those eateries don't compare to a little crepe place I had the fortune of visiting.

A few hours had passed and I now found myself seated inside and eagerly awaiting my meal. It had a very homely feel; from tacky French memorabilia, such as Eiffel Tower pictures, to turquoise and yellow walls, I felt as if a toddler and a Francophile in art school collaborated together to create the restaurant's design. I mean this is in a good way. Although the vibe was nice, the main reason I came was for the food and it did not disappoint. The insides. filled with chicken and tomatoes, emitted an eruption of steam as I cut open the crepe with my fork.

San Diego is filled with so much to see and do; I couldn't possibly see it all in one day. The next time I visit; I hope to see more of this beautiful city.

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