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Eye of Tianjin

Hebei, China, 300143
+86 22 2628 8830

Go Up and Look Around on the Eye of Tianjin

It may not be as famous as the London Eye, but the 120-meter tall Eye of Tianjin ferris wheel has its own claim to fame: it's the only ferris wheel in the world built on a bridge. It's also a great way to get up above the city and see the landscape below. If you've got a rare blue-sky day in Tianjin, head for the Eye!

48 air-conditioned cars, which can hold up to eight people each, encircle the wheel, and each trip around takes about 30 minutes (and up to an hour, so hit the bathroom first). At night, the wheel is lit with colorful LEDs that reflect onto the river below, making make it a modern, romantic dat choice. The regular price is ¥70 RMB per person, but couples who want a private car to themselves can get a special ticket.