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Exploring the caves of Macedonia

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Caving in Western Macedonia Makedonski Brod  Macedonia (FYROM)

Caving in Western Macedonia

There are 346 registered caves in Macedonia - a heaven for adventurers and high-adrenaline lovers. Their number is believed to be between 400 and 500. Many of the Macedonian caves have underground rivers, waterfalls, and small lakes, while most of them abound in stalactites, stalagmites, pillars, drapers, and corals.

The caves are also home to a variety of interesting fauna, such as crabs, spiders, bats, and various insects, which are accustomed to life in the dark and food shortage. Fossil remains of the extinct Pleistocene fauna, such as cave bears and sword tigers, are also found in many of the Macedonian caves.

The caving tours of Macedonia cover the most attractive regions of Skopje and Western Macedonia (Cave “Jasika” in the Jasen strict natural reserve, Caves “Gorna Slatinska” and “Puralo” in the Makedonski Brod region, and caves “Pesna” and “Alilica” in the Galicnik region). The picture I posted is from the cave of "Gorna Slatinska" in the vicinity of Makedonski Brod.

Macedonia Experience from Skopje is probably the only tour company that organizes caving tours, in cooperation with specialized caving associations that have the proper guides and safety equipment for this unique underground adventures.