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Exhibitions Corridor, Domestic Terminal 3

Exhibitions Corridor
Happy together—and ready to explore. Like it or not, if you arrive at San Francisco International Airport on a domestic flight, the probability that you'll get yourself reacquainted with the ground by means of Terminal 3 is high. Walk. Don’t run. Look. Don’t think you know it. The long corridor which takes you from the gates area to the exit point is the first place to enjoy in the city. There are rotating exhibitions here and the one about the craft of making spectacular dresses was one of my favorites. Every time you arrive, the corridor will hold another surprising visual reward.

SFO International Airport, Terminal 2 Boarding Area D, Quick Serve, Sector 8, Space 9-D.2.350, San Francisco, CA 94128, USA
+1 650-821-8211
Sun - Sat 6am - 11pm