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A Summer Afternoon Spent At The Eveleigh
A certain stillness, when acknowledged, is the beauty of a summer afternoon. Longer days push most attention to the thrill of extended evenings, but those midday hours – when most crowds are away – should be coveted just the same. This is the time of day when you can make the most of a warm quiet, and such calm can be made even more appealing by the new lunch menu at the Eveleigh.

Rustling trees surrounding a fountain hide the restaurant from the rest of Sunset Boulevard, and the heat of the day is cooled by a shaded dining room and misted patio. Small groups gather outdoors around iced drinks, like cumquat lemonade and cucumber lime mint spritz, and conversations don’t seem to rise above a mild hum. Drift over the farm-to-table menu as the ice clinks in your glass, and decide that a bowl of golden truffle fries should be at the center of your white marble table. Burrata, with fennel and bright rounds of tomato, can also be spread on generous slices of country bread before the main course comes into view. When it does, the crab toast sandy with chili mayo or the warm wheatberry and lentil salad with snap peas make comfortable additions.

When leisurely surroundings and homespun flavors can complement a summer afternoon, these in-between hours are appreciated for the peace they can bring.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Bookallil.
8752 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069, USA
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Sat, Sun 10am - 3pm
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