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Highlights of the Esterházy Palace
The Esterházy family has ruled from its palatial estate in Eisenstadt, the capital of Burgenland, since 1622. They have been the foremost patrons of the arts in the region. Today, you can tour the rooms of the palace and the famous Haydn Hall. Admire the façade from your table at the Henrici Restaurant while dining on their famous Esterházy Roast Beef and Esterházy Cream Cake.

Haydn Festival in Eisenstadt
The imposing Esterházy Palace is the ideal setting for the Haydn Festival, celebrating the music of composer Joseph Haydn. The Austro-Hungarian Haydn Orchestra is the “orchestra-in-residence” at the Haydn Festival. A specific of the orchestra is a so-called “Eisenstadt or Pannonian style”, which gives it a unique sound. With its outstanding acoustics, the Haydn hall is ranked one of the finest in the world.

Esterhazyplatz 1, 7000 Eisenstadt, Austria
+43 2682 630047600
Sun - Sat 10am - 6pm