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Escargotiere de Warnant

Liège, Belgium
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Snail Farm Liege  Belgium

Snail Farm

Escargotiere de Warnant is a snail farm near Liege in Beligum. I've been living in eager anticipation of touring this snail farm ever since Sherry suggested it. Eric Frolli, the owner was meet with a sleuth of curious and occasionally ridiculous questions.

Me: How did you get started?
Eric: When I was a boy, my grandfather used to take me into the woods to find snails and we would eat them. In University, I did a project on snails and I start the farm after.
Me: How many years have you had the farm?
Eric: It’s been 25 years.

Me: How many snail farms are here in Belgium?
Eric: Only three but there are about a hundred or so in France.

We stand in front of a large display box in the farm's showroom and watch the snails mate. Snail sex….slow and slimy but not pornographic in the least.

Me: The snails are hermaphrodites, what is the mating ritual and how do they know if they like each other?
Eric: I don't know. Only the snails know and they decide.

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