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Escargotière de Warnant

Visit a Snail Farm in Wallonia, Belgium
When you think of farming in Belgium, you probably picture rolling fields of corn or maybe flat pastures filled with cows. You probably don’t imagine plastic greenhouses filled with planks of wood. But under those planks grows one of Wallonia’s most sustainable food sources – snails.

You can learn about how snails are raised for food production at Escargotière de Warnant in Wallonia, Belgium.

Eric Frolli, the snail farmer, raises over 600,000 snails per year, most of which he sells directly to restaurants. After an intro to all things snail, Eric will guide you through the greenhouses that house his produce.

It's fascinating (and a bit weird) and of course you can taste the various escargot products available at the end of the tour.

More Information: http://cheeseweb.eu/2013/10/visiting-snail-farm-wallonia-belgium/

Rue de la Gare 1, 5537 Warnant, Belgium
+32 82 61 23 52
Tue - Sat 9am - 12:30pm, 1:30pm - 6pm