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Escargoterie de Warnat

Rue de la Molignée 102, 5537 Anhée, Belgium
| +32 82 61 13 34
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The Snail Farmer Anhee  Belgium

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Thur - Sun 9am - 10pm

The Snail Farmer

Eric picked up the snail and let it slowly slink around his hand. It’s shell was about the diameter of a quarter and Eric the Snail Farmer explained that it took about 6 months for it to grow to this adult size.

We were at the L’escargotiere de Warnant, one of only three snail farms in Belgium. Here the Snail Farmer breeds/produces 600,000 snails per year. You might wonder what a snail farm looks like – no it doesn’t have a barn. Instead it is simply a few green house structures, and lots of sheets of corrugated metal which the snails like to move around on in the summer. Their only real predators are rats, and that’s why Eric has a dog to take care of the rats – plus, every good farmer needs a dog.

Eric is a trivia book of snail facts, everything we throw out at him he answers with confidence. Not only do we see baby snails, but we also learn about their reproduction, hibernation, and the 12 ways to prepare them. A truly unique tour of a farm that I never thought I would see. We finished our tour by tasting a few different preparations of escargot.

More Information: http://www.ottsworld.com/blogs/belgium-food-travel/