Eric Raisina Couture House

An Eric Raisina silk scarf, wrap or handbag
For traveling fashionistas the ultimate wearable souvenir is a silk scarf, wrap, handbag or purse from Eric Raisina, Cambodia's most celebrated fashion designer. When Eric first came to Siem Reap, he worked on a silk farm to learn as much as he could about Cambodian silk. Over the years Eric has built a reputation for his development of new techniques for silk production and weaving, and innovations such as his 'silk fur' and crochet-like 'raffia' lace. Eric's downy soft silk 'fur' is best used in his colorful handbags, elegant wraps and light-as-a-feather blankets, which Eric told me is his must-pack travel accessory. Visitors to Siem Reap have been known to visit Eric's atelier and leave with a wedding gown, but for most of us a handbag is enough. And it's easy to pack!

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Charles De Gaulle, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia
+855 63 963 207
Sun - Sat 9am - 7pm