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Heping, China
| +86 22 2389 0088

Tianjin Fine Dining

Erduoyan is named after a famous Tianjin street food: ear hole-like fried rice cakes. They're like rice-flour doughnuts that are filled with small red beans and white granulated sugar and then deep-fried in sesame oil.

Erduoyan serves beautiful, local dishes elevated to another level of flavor and refinement. You must try the braised oxtail (红烧牛尾), Tianjin Liuwei (天津六味, the Six Flavors of Tianjin), saffron cabbage chestnuts (藏红花白菜栗子), roast pepper lamb (椒香羊肉粒), altar stew (坛炖), and purple potato fried cake (紫薯炸糕).