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Englischer Garten

Biking Through the Dynamic Englischer Garten
The Englischer Garten of Munich is a huge park within the city that has so many different things to see and do. There's an Asian pagoda that is part beer hall, part food stall emporium (think sauerkraut, sausage, and fried potatoes) where you can sip the national Hofbrau brew in big steins. There are beautiful meadows galore, with one that even doubles as a nudist hub in the warmer seasons. There are several waterways that dissect the park and add to the landscape: feel free to jump in and ride the current on a hot day, or find the surfer's spot near one of the bridges, where men and women in full bodysuits take to the waves created by the strong current (above). It's an odd thing, finding surfers in the middle of Germany, but it's one of the reasons the Englischer Garten is so fun to bike around and explore. It's so big that on two wheels is the best way to really see it all.
Take a Walk Through Munich's Englischer Garten
Europe is famous for its beautiful parks, many of them located right in the heart of a major city. Munich's Englischer Garten is no exception. At over 900 acres in size, it's even larger than NYC's Central Park. In fact, it's the largest urban public park in the world.

While a stroll through Englischer Garten is beautiful at any time of the year, it's especially stunning in the fall when the leaves change colors and a blanket of yellow engulfs the ground around you. Grab a bag of heisse maroni (roasted chestnuts) from a street vendor and enjoy the serenity as you wander the numerous paths of the park.
Take a Walk Through Munich's Englischer Garten Munich  Germany