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Why Travelling Europe By Train Is The Best Experience Kilsby  United Kingdom

Why Travelling Europe By Train Is The Best Experience

Far too many travellers think that flying is the only way to get around. Flying has its perks, but there is a lot that it lacks and when it comes to travelling around Europe, the trains might be a better option. While they might require a bit more effort on your half and a bit of luggage lugging, it is certainly worth a try if you want a bit more freedom with your travel plans. Just be sure to grab your E11 card before you set off and get prepared for one heck of a trip:


It’s no surprise that train tickets are cheaper. In fact, everything is cheaper when you travel by train. When you travel by plane you need to pay for extra luggage; for infants; for group bookings; for cancellations; reschedules and all of the shops inside the airport have extortionate prices. On a train, however, all you need to pay for is your ticket and switching costs nothing at all. Shops located in and around train stations also have typical prices, which means that if you forget any of your vacation supplies you won’t have to sacrifice your wallet just to get them. It’s a great, cost effective alternative to flying that more people should try.

More flexibility

There isn’t a lot of flexibility when you travel by plane. With some airlines, once you book your ticket,it’s set in stone and you can’t change it. Even if you could change it, there is a very good chance that the flight you want to get on is fully booked, especially if you’re travelling during the summer. This means that it’s harder to make changes to your plans. If you want to stay where you are for an extra day, you can’t do it without getting involved in a lengthy process and paying extra just to cancel or reschedule your flight. When you travel by rail, however, switching train times isn’t much of a big deal. Trains are rarely if ever booked to the point that another person couldn’t catch a ride and switching your ticket is as simple as giving a nod to the ticket officer and getting your new ticket reprinted. Furthermore, you can also avoid having to pay for a new ticket if you miss your train by buying travel cards or tickets that allow you to travel at any time of day. This way, if you feel like you want to stop for lunch before you set off to your new destination, you can and there is no fuss involved.

Closer to the action

The difficulty with airports around Europe is that many of them are so far from civilisation. You will have to rent a car and drive for a fair amount of time before you encounter anyone that isn’ten route to the airport and even longer to find shops and restaurants with non-airport prices. However, with a train you can get right into the heart of your destination and start exploring as soon as you get out of the station.

Fewer restrictions

When travelling by plane there are a lot of restrictions that might ruin your journey, such as being unable to pack a lunch or use your electronics. You also need to undergo careful screenings in order to carry certain items in your hand luggage, which can make your trip longer and more tedious if you need to repeat the process every time you board a plane. However, on a train you can hop on and hop off as you please and have the freedom to get comfortable on your journey and bring along everything you need.