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409 Yamanouchi, Kamakura, Kanagawa 247-0062, Japan
| +81 467-22-0478
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Buddha Root Kamakura  Japan
Tengu... da! Kamakura  Japan
Buddha Root Kamakura  Japan
Tengu... da! Kamakura  Japan

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Sun - Sat 8am - 4pm

Buddha Root

This is a stone statue of Buddha (jizou in Japanese) positioned in front of a withered tree on the grounds of Engakuji Temple in Kita-kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The large temple complex comprises 18 temples and was founded in 1282 by a Chinese Zen monk and was intended to honor warriors slain on both sides of the attempted Mongol invasion from 1274 to 1281.

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almost 8 years ago

Tengu... da!

I love Japanese folklore, with its stories of Samurai, demons, and spirits. One of my favorite characters from Japanese lore is the Tengu, a mountain nymph of sorts, who likes to tempt Buddhist priests to break their vows, and to teach devoted Shinto warriors to become masters of the sword. In Kamakura, there is a famous temple with over 40 Tengu statues and about a billion stairs. I guess if you want to meet the gods you need to pass the trials to get there?