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Electrical and Electronic Components That Make Your Work Easier Hong Kong  Hong Kong

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Electrical and Electronic Components That Make Your Work Easier

Electronics is a special kind of electromagnetic energy that flows around a circuit, in order to process signals that can power a number of appliances. For instance, they can carry signals to your TV, your radio or they can even power electric cars, lamps, as well as various domestic appliances, like toasters and more. In general, all these electrical appliances need this kind of energy in order to be able work successfully and make your life a whole easier. This is why they use really big, but even sometimes dangerous, electric currents.

Many years ago, all these kind of signals were received via an antenna to your radio or to your television. In fact, there are 2 ways of these signals; analog and digital ones. They work really in a very simple way. Today, there are analog signals, like the radio waves, which travel through the air in order to transmit power, that corresponds exactly to certain words and music they carry.

In the analog form, then turns them into sounds that you can actually hear. With the modern digital radio, it's a whole different approach. All these signals 'travel in a digital format, which resemble coded numbers, in order to be able to perform various tasks in your everyday life. When these signals arrive to your transmitters, like your radio or your TV, all these numbers are actually covered back into various sound signals. This way you can hear people talking on your TV or you can hear music sounds.

Capacitors, transistors, diodes, resistors, and integrated circuits are some of the elementary components you need when developing electronic circuits. Described below are these constituents with their roles.


These are the electronic components that oppose current flow. They are among the primary components that make up electronic circuits. They are considerably very small compared to the other components.

Resistors vary depending on their ability to resist current and the amount of power they can comfortably handle without melting or burning. Current resistance is measured in ohms (Ω) while power ratings are in watts.


Capacitors serve to store charges temporarily. They are the second most used constituents of the electronic circuits. Among the many capacitors, electrolytic and ceramic disks are the two that are frequently used. Microfarads (μF) is the term for measuring the capacitance of the capacitors.


Diodes are used to prevent back-flow of current. Its terminals, anode and cathode, are set in such a way to allow current to flow only when a positive voltage is connected to the anode while the negative being on the cathode. A reverse of this will not allow current flow.

Light-Emitting Diodes

LEDs are unique types of diodes that light up when subjected to the current.


It has three terminals namely the base, the collector and the emitter. Current connected at the base terminal will regulate the flow of current on the emitter and the collector. Is plays a fundamental role in electronic devices.

Electrical And Electronic Components – Getting The Right Distributor

Meet buyers at international trade fairs

Even though the persons in the exhibition platforms are mostly sales people, you could still find a lot of local and international buyers at the expo.

You could as well contact technical or engineering managers so as to inform them of the authenticity of your product and the accompanying merits you wish to present.

Find local partners at trade fairs

If you need to operate in the market, you should establish partnership with the local agents, Digsemi.com distributors, or even importers. You can most likely find these people in the trade fair. You should be keen to meet them when they attend since they do not necessarily stay for the whole event.

You have to prepare perfectly well by identifying your possible partners and their services before meeting them.

Manufacturers Representatives for example; package your stock, do not have stock, the manufacturer does the marketing and their customer support is quite low.

Importing Containers: For a pile product, use a brand name or private label, customer service is low and the warehouse is bonded.

Distributors: Have stock but low capacity, deals with many products and handle complete products only though they start by importing.

When you decide to buy online electronic components, make sure to get a warranty receipt and check for special features of the product you have bought. Moreover, do not compromise in terms of budget. Do not forget that the quality of the electronic components you wish to buy comes first. Then you need to search for special deal offers that many sellers give their customers from time to time. But if you don’t have the time to do all this, Digsemi.com is the best dealer for you.
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