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El Circuito Magico

Fountains of Water and Romance
The fountains at the Magical Circuit of Water are not up to the standards of the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas, but the choreographed jets of water, light, and music at the multiple fountains in the giant park are captivating. There are three types of people who come to Lima’s fountains: families, couples, and tourists. So take in the public displays of affection; avoid the surprise jets of water from below (or jump in when it’s hot outside); watch and listen to the traditional Huayno music and dancing projected onto the largest fountain; and hold hands as you walk through the water tunnel. Unfortunately, the crowds mean you can’t stop midway, but there’s enough romance in the air to last for the rest of the evening.

Wow! El Circuito Magico Light and Water Show
From Lonely Planet:

So over-the-top it can’t help but induce stupefaction among even the most hardened traveling cynic. A dozen different fountains — all splendiferously illuminated — are capped, at the end, by a laser light show at the 120m-long Fuente de la Fantasia (Fantasy Fountain). The whole display is set to a medley of tunes comprised of everything from Peruvian waltzes to ABBA. Has to be seen to be believed.

How can I resist that? Hell yes I want to be stupefied by splendiferously illuminated fountains dancing to Waterloo. My driver allows me only ten minutes or so to observe from outside the park, but it’s sufficient time to determine that El Circuito Mágico is fabulous.

Incredible Trip to Peru: http://bit.ly/11IZdBX
Wow! El Circuito Magico Light and Water Show Lima  Peru

Jr. Madre de Dios S/N, Cercado de Lima 15046, Peru
+51 1 4240827
Tue - Sun 3pm - 10:30pm