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East Rock Park

41 Cold Spring St, New Haven, CT 06511, USA
| +1 203-946-6086
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Do You Want To Be On Top Of The World In Connecticut? New Haven Connecticut United States

Do You Want To Be On Top Of The World In Connecticut?

You’re driving down a concrete road when suddenly you see a gate with a dirt path. Your intuition tells you to pull over, so you do. You get out of the car and find a map. A map that reads 365, The Summit, followed by the words The Giant Steps Trail. You grab your backpack from the car and you start following the trail. Suddenly you come to a flight of stairs that are intertwined like a spiral staircase. The stairs are not man made. They are not made out of wood and nails. The stairs are made out of the mountain, out of stone. There is a old rusted metal railing that circles it. So, you stop, you look up, you take a deep breath and you began to climb. After you get up the first staircase you think to yourself, “Wow, that wasn’t bad at all”. So, you continue the trail signs for The Summit. You cross a paved road and suddenly you see another staircase. “Ah, it all makes sense now, the Giant. Steps. Trail.” Suddenly you are climbing and climbing. You feel the fresh air enter your lungs as you’re gasping for breath when you get to the top of each step. But it’s addicting, you can’t stop. You have to know what is at the top. You have to see the view. You are surrounded by trees with peaks of blue skies and burning sunlight cascading on your sweaty skin. The stairs become harder to climb and more difficult. Just when you think you are about to give up you hear music and laughter. You take your last step up the staircase and you see people with a camera. You made it. You. As you keep walking you turn to your left to see the most amazing view of your life. Suddenly you are on top of Connecticut. You see the blue ocean blend into the blue sky, you see New Haven below you. Above Yale. All those city building that you were just looking up are now looking up to you.