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Durbar Square

Umbrellas and Temples
It was the start of the monsoon season in Kathmandu, and although I had avoided the rain for five days, my luck finally ran out.

After waiting out most of the shower in a small little family-owned general store, I headed out to the legendary Durbar Square to see what I would find.

Although beautiful temples surrounded me on literally all sides, my eyes gravitated toward these colorful umbrellas guarding these flower sellers against the rain.

The yellows of the flowers and the umbrella clashed wonderfully with the red brick that dominated the square.

About twenty minutes after I took this picture, a host of vendors set up shop on the pavement directly in front of the flower vendors. Apparently, when the rain started pouring down, they had to seek shelter to keep their wares fresh and dry. I guess they should invest in some umbrellas!

Soak Up Sun in Durbar Square
Hang out and relax in the sun in Durbar Square like the locals. If you go to the Patan Museum, you'll see interesting religious relics but time is probably better spent soaking up the atmosphere instead. The Museum does host an occasional concert at night in its courtyard, so be sure to check out the schedule when you stop by.

Becoming women
On many afternoons, when the sun shines high, little Newari girls are dressed in red, orange and gold and dedicate offerings to the wood apple tree and Vishnu.
On such an auspicious afternoon, I stepped into Durbar Square to see girls in 'Belbibaha' , getting married to Vishnu. The wood apple, or bel, never rots and sometimes considered as the divine male with whom marriage lasts till eternity.

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