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Wall walking in Dubrovnik
Perched among steep cliffs on the Adriatic Sea, the city of Dubrovnik is a living postcard. Red tiled roofs and century's old architecture greeted me as I walked from the sleepy Croatian port to the town's main thoroughfare. The Old Town is a car-free zone, which only adds to Dubrovnik's charm. Tasteful little gift shops line the main drag, and there's an enormous drinking fountain at the end of it that serves up chilly, fresh spring water to locals and travelers alike via sixteen beautifully carved spouts.

Yearning to stretch my legs a bit after several hours sitting on a boat, I headed to the steps leading to the top of the ancient city walls. For a reasonable fee, a person can walk all or part of the city's perimeter, pretending they're a character from Game of Thrones. On a clear day the views of the rocky cliffs and sea are outstanding, and I also really enjoyed looking down onto the clay tile rooftops and residences below me, occasionally catching little snippets of daily life. A man repairing a boat oar, a woman hanging her laundry out to dry. It's always the seemingly mundane observances that stay with me long after my travels end.
Dubrovnik, Croatia