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Duarte's Tavern

Artichokes and abalone on California's Highway One
Duarte’s Tavern in sleepy Pescadero, half way between Santa Cruz and San Francisco, has been serving hungry and thirsty customers since 1894. Pescadero is a one-street town nestled between coastal redwoods and the ocean, with weather worn houses on rambling properties, surrounded by green meadows. A cemetery sits right outside of town, across a creek, waiting to be explored on foot. Pescadero, with its Victorian farmhouses, green pastures, the smell of the ocean in the air, is rural California at its best. Duarte’s delicious ollalieberry pie, artichoke ravioli, and abalone sandwiches, served by the same family for 118 years, reflect the bounty of the nearby sea and the surrounding agricultural fields.

Classic tavern just off the Pacific Coast Highway
If you drive down the Pacific Coast Highway south of San Francisco toward Monterey, there are plenty of cheesy places to stop for a bit. Our must-stop standard is just a couple of miles inland, in the TINY hamlet of Pescadero.
The TINY main street (only street) looks like many others in fading American towns, but this one is worth a detour. In addition to the requisite kitschy gift shops, there's a cute little market with fabulous homemade artichoke garlic bread, a great gallery of crafts made locally, & there's the best Olallieberry Pie anywhere - hell, it's almost the only Olallieberry Pie anywhere.
Duarte's Tavern has been around since 1894, and it's pronounced Dew-Art's. Everything we've had there was good. They're famous for artichoke soup (it's OK and unique), and of course the pie. The berry is some sort of fancy hybrid bred at the University of Oregon, but all you'll care about is its juicy, purple deliciousness. Ask for it warm, & don't forget the ice cream!

202 Stage Rd, Pescadero, CA 94060, USA
+1 650-879-0464
Wed - Mon 7am - 8pm