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In The Hands Of The Mixologist
The Ft. Point Channel neighborhood has undergone a renaissance of late, and Barbara Lynch's bar Drink is a fun addition to the scene. Arrive at the modern basement space and you're fate is left in the hands of the bartenders. Talk about your flavor profile with the server: herbal, fruity, spicy, sweet, and a magic concoction arrives aimed to please. My Co-existence was laced with cumin, taking me on a wild ride to India. The Blinker was filled with fresh squeezed white grapefruit juice, housemade raspberry syrup juice and pleasure! An added bonus for those of us that like entomology and pretty calligraphy-the standing area is filled with vintage specimen cases of beautifully preserved arthropods. There's a menu for small bites, and they disappear from the menu chalkboard rather quickly. A word of advice—get there early.

Drinking at Drink
After dinner at No Name, we moved onto Drink—to be clear, we went to drink at a place called Drink. This is a rad little cocktail bar with equally rad bartenders. I’m not sure if this is standard protocol or if they just humored me, but I basically just told them what I was in the mood for and they crafted something. Most of the group ended up taking this tactic while ordering, to great success. I think I asked for something “citrusy and delicious.” What I received was both of these things. A few of us ended up ordering drinks with ginger in them at some point over the evening, and boy did they burn. In a good way.

348 Congress St, Boston, MA 02210, USA
+1 617-695-1806
Sun - Sat 4pm - 1am
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