Lessons in Marketing on Highway 10
On a long haul from Austin back to Los Angeles, my curiosity was repeatedly piqued by large billboards advertising something called "The Thing?". They looked almost as old as the desert I drove through, and when I finally arrived at the place, after hundreds (literally) of such billboards, the place had gas, so it counted as a necessary stop. One dollar paid my way into a folksy natural history museum of sorts, conveniently located in a series of covered barns behind a gas station shop, selling Arizona t-shirts, mugs and ashtrays. Various antique vehicles and gardening tools, skulls from local fauna, shards of pottery found nearby--nothing particularly interesting, certainly nothing worthy of the name "The Thing?", that question mark so portentous. I won't give away what "The Thing?" is, but if you're on Highway 10 in the middle of nowhere, it is worth a stop. For gas, anyway.
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