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Dragon Cay

TKCA 1ZZ, Turks and Caicos Islands
+1 649-946-6141
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Wading out to Dragon Cay Conch Bar  Turks and Caicos Islands

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Sun - Sat 11am - 4pm

Wading out to Dragon Cay

If Mudjin Harbor is the crown of Middle Caicos, Dragon Cay is the big, honking jewel right in the center of it. Here's why this particular Cay will knock your goggles off:
1. It REALLY IS shaped like the profile of a dragon.
2. The backside of Dragon Cay is pretty much a lunar landscape. Picture bowling-ball sized drops of water raining on the dragon's molten lava back a zillion years ago, creating a geological Disneyland of interesting, razor-sharp rock formations. A moderately brave person could spend quite a bit of time poking around and marveling at the ferocious waves that break along the perimeter. Warning: One clumsy slip will earn you an inter-island helicopter tour, compliments of Medivac.
3. There are a handful of pretty stellar tide pools along the dragon's neck. I saw sea slugs, urchins, snails, shrimp, eels, etc. There's also a seemingly empty, basin-shaped tide pool that I had every intention of hopping into. At the last possible moment, my oldest daughter screamed in horror and caused me to halt. Turns out there were some creepy, worm-like creatures in it. I owe you one, Isabel.
4.Dragon Cay can be accessed from the beach by a narrow strip of sand when the tide is low. Otherwise, one must gather one's knickers in a bundle and wade through the sea to get one's bad self over there.
5.Nestled on the dragon's stomach are some of the tiniest and most vicious hermit crabs my family has ever encountered. Hint: Maybe don't grab one just to see if I'm telling the truth.