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Dongyue Temple

141 Chaoyangmen Outer St, ChaoWai, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100001
+86 10 6551 0151

Glimpse Monsters Inhabiting the Taoist Hell

Once overlooked, Dongyue Temple is getting attention for its bizarre and overtly bloody depiction of hell. Half-human, half-animal monstrosities snarl alongside blue men with ribs poking out from their stringy bodies. In another surreal scene, a hapless man gets his tongue cut off by a red-fleshed demon. It's vivid, and probably a bit too intense for very young children. It is interesting to note that the bureaucratic impulses of Chinese society extend even to the underworld, with its 76 departments overseeing all manner of phenomena, both of heaven, hell, and everything else in between.