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Dona M Do Carmo

Best Non Poisonous Street Food
Belém is the Amazon’s culinary capital, and the city’s signature dish, tacacá, is a fusion of the region’s key ingredients. When you mention that you have been to Belem (named for Bethlehem) to a Brazilian they always ask if you tried the tacaca. I was glad I knew what it was. Tacacá is is a soup . It mixes shrimp with tucupi, a thick yellow liquid extracted from the roots of the manioc plant, and jambu, a creeping plant whose leaves when covered with tucupi cause a pleasant tingling and numbness of your lips.

Manioc is also called cassava, yuca ( which is not yucca) or tapioca and is a staple of the Amazonian diet. The soup is served hot in cuias (hollowed-out gourds) and I brought some of the bowls home. One of the best places to have it is on the street at the stand of Dona M Do Carmo. It was amazing and one of the most delicious things I have eaten in Brazil.
for more info go tohttp://travelwellflysafe.com/2015/09/20/food-in-the-amazon-belem-part-one-or-how-did-they-figure-out-that-tucupi-had-to-be-cooked-for-seven-days-to-not-be-poisonous/