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Desert Safari Campsite

Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
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Adventure Desert Safari Tours! Abu Dhabi  United Arab Emirates

Adventure Desert Safari Tours!

Want to visit a place in Abu Dhabi where you will enjoy every bit of it? If yes, then book the ticket for Abu Dhabi Desert Safari, a rollercoaster of fun and escapade. Sand dunes, camel ride, and above all; stupendous Arabic food! Can anything be more exciting than it?

When you book a safari voyage with a seasoned operator like Nuzhath Ideas, you not only enjoy the trip but also carry a whole new perspective. The voyage to the land of emptiness is a realization of the hardships of Bedouins, the natives of the land. A trip to Abu Dhabi is incomplete till you experience the unlimited fun and thrill of the desert safari tour.

The action-packed journey is just a few clicks away. Visit the website and pick the excursion that lures you the most. Morning safari, evening safari, Dinner safari, overnight stay; you have full menu card to select from. With a vast experience and innumerable successful safari tours under the belt, Nuzhath Ideas assure supreme quality and comfort.

The wonderful sandy terrain is situated at two hours driving distance from the mainland Abu Dhabi. You travel in comfy, luxurious cars designed for off-roading. Feel the thrill of conquering gigantic dunes on the mind-blowing ups and downs of gigantic sand dunes. Abu Dhabi Desert Safari is a complete package of thrill and chill. Enjoy with your dear ones and take away wonderful memories. Spending a day or two in the desert is an out-of-the-world-experience.

Though you get a list of umpteen tour operators as soon as you click the keyword Abu Dhabi Desert Safari on the Internet, it is not a wise step to rely on any operator randomly. Always book the tour with a renowned, acclaimed and top-rated operator, e.g. Nuzhath Ideas. Indeed, the desert safari is one of the most charming activities in Abu Dhabi where everyone finds immense possibilities of fun and frolic. Adventure geeks spend time on the sand dunes and food lovers enjoy traditional Arabic platters. Most importantly, you needn’t spend a fortune for it!

Next time, don’t miss the desert safari excursion when you are in Abu Dhabi. If you are traveling during the off-peak time, then there are several discount offers to make it further affordable. Camping, dune bashing, camel safari, Arabic hospitality, and luxurious stay; what else do you need for a fantastic vacation?
Most importantly, Desert safari tours by Nuzhath Ideas are truly family excursions where everybody spends a wonderful time. Tour operators ensure that the trip is well-arranged and systematic. You have events one after another, but there is sufficient time for rest and recreation.

Whether you stay there overnight or come back the same day, Abu Dhabi Desert Safari is always enjoyable. However, spending a night in the vast Rub Al Khali desert presents entirely different and elating aspect. Feel the ultimate silence around and praise the beauty of star-filled dome of the sky.